Unbelievable – Somebody That I Used to Know ..

On november 27, 2014, in Creatief, by Nieuws Team

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Automatic Screen Cleaner

On september 19, 2014, in fijn, filmpjes, Technologie, by Nieuws Team

Sometimes you have dead pixels, or you just have a dirty screen, did you know you can resolve this issue with just browsing to a website ?

well neither did we; but we have found the website and can really recommend it to anyone who is in need for an automatisch screen cleaner.

Just browse to : http://www.sanger.dk/


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Are you also always loosing your mouse pointer ?

On september 19, 2014, in fijn, grappig, by Nieuws Team

This is the solution for finding your mouse pointer back ! real people helping you find it in an instance !
not weird at all.

Check it out at:


Half Time show at the OSU vs. Nebraska game

On oktober 8, 2012, in Creatief, movies, Muziek, Te Ge(e)k, by Nieuws Team

Tja daar kunnen nog heel wat marchingbands iets van leren denk ik zo, vooral hier in Europa, wat een show.

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